Tell Superintendent Reykdal: Don’t abandon funding for lower class sizes!

Superintendent Reykdal’s current capital budget request fails to reduce class sizes in grades K-3, which is desperately needed.

It’s well past time for legislators to provide funding for more classrooms, and as the chief advocate for students in K-12, he can lead the way and demand further funding for classrooms.

Several years ago, the state legislature made lower class sizes in grades K-3 across the state and all-day kindergarten for our littlest learners a part of the state’s minimum program of basic education. That was a great step forward. But it created a big problem…they required these lower class sizes without providing funding for classroom space!

The Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to provide for the actual cost to reduce these class sizes – including the cost of classroom construction. Unfortunately, this promise remains unfulfilled today, and Superintendent Reykdal’s request doesn’t help.

We must ensure our state’s students have safe, healthy, and modern schools –we can’t wait any longer.